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 Ernest T. Koch, Fine Art Photographer 

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     I became fascinated with photography as a child while “playing” with my mother’s Kodak Brownie camera. That fascination became a passion while I was in the Army stationed in Hawaii in the late 60‘s.  In the 80's I did some wedding photography to supplement my income and provide extra funds to support my photography equipment wants and needs.  A photographer always has a new camera -- a lens -- some new software -- something on his or her wish list.

     I basically taught myself about photography by reading various photography magazines and books -- in particular, great books authored by legendary photographer Ansel Adams.   Ansel Adams wrote, "You don't take photographs, you make them."   I, whole-heartedly, agree!  I recognize that there is always something new and exciting to learn about the art of "making" photographs.  I am always reading about, experimenting with, and imagining how to create each new “picture.”  Why? -- Because, photography is not simply a picture on a piece of paper.  To a photographer, each picture is, truly, a work of art.

     Construction Site Photos:  Ok -- Photographers do what they do because they really love it. Many, however, do not have the luxury of dedicating their lives to that passion and must take a side road around their passion to pay the bills. My trade (side road) in life had been as a project superintendent for a commercial construction general contractor.  In addition to my project responsibilities, I also took site photos for job progress and marketing purposes.  Please see Rebcor,Inc for some of my projects and photos.   Please also see some of my site photos as they were used by another contractor Joseph Di Palantino and Sons, Inc .  Also, see Site/Retail / Marketing Collection (in Galleries) here on my Site.

     Do you need site photos of your major construction projects for your website, job portfolio, or brochure?   I am available for this type of work for your company. A picture does, indeed, speak a thousand words.   Let your results sell your next job.

     Website Photographs and Special Requests:   I am now retired and, finally, have the time to dedicate myself to my photographic vocation/passion.  I look forward, with great anticipation, to the images yet to be seen -- and the works of art yet to be created.  To that end, I will continue to explore the many creative opportunities available to me through the digital medium -- to turn ordinary photographs into extraordinary works of art.

     I am happy to be able to share that work with you for purchase through this site.  I am also open to individual special requests.  For example:   I've been given personal photographs (taken by individuals) and I’ve removed the defects and turned them into "painted" works of art to be given as special gifts to loved ones.   I've also taken a very old (and a bit crumbled) 2" x 2" treasured picture of a parent and turned it into an 8" x 10" painting hung with love by a grateful client.  Whether your request relates to one of your treasured photos --or-- to a photograph you would like me to take and create for you, I'm open to it.  Please Contact Me. 

     My main accomplishments as a photographer was having my work displayed for a month at the Allen’s Art Center in Philadelphia as well as for the entire summer at The Lieberman Gallery in Philadelphia.  I am especially pleased to have been selected to be a member of the cooperative of artists and craftspeople at the Orchard Artworks in Bryn Athyn with my work on display and available for purchase every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I invite you to stop in and see my work up close and personal.  I will be there once a month.  Keep in touch through my Facebook page so you can see me too.

     Finally, I am blessed to have the support of many family members and friends.   I hope to enjoy many more opportunities to share my work as I explore the endless possibilities in the days and weeks and years ahead.  I appreciate your visit to my site; and, I hope you enjoy my work.

Many Thanks,

Ernest T Koch